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Make a payment of any amount features information about African American community events, arts, entertainment, businesses, organizations, education and health issues, religion and much more! Majority of the information published on is sent by community leaders, business people, event organizers and residents in the Chicago area. All ethnicities are invited to visit, submit information and advertise on

Event Listings – are currently FREE for approved events. Submit Your Event

Black Directory – being listed in the Black Directory allows our web visitors to become familiar and patronize your business. Creating an account and being logged in is required to submit a Black Directory listing.  Post A Black Directory Listing | Cost is:

  • 30 Day Listing – FREE
  • 1 Year Listing – $2 per category added with business
  • FOREVER – $4 per category added with business
  • Upgraded Listing (move to top of listings) – $20 flat fee Social Media Advertising

Using’s social media channels is a great way to get your message out through a trusted brand.

  • $20 – 10 Tweets
  • $40 – 20 Tweets, 2 Facebook & 2 Instagram Post
  • $60 – 30 Tweets, 4 Facebook & 4 Instagram Posts

Prices Advertising Packages

See the complete details on the items included further down the page

Event Package #1 – $175

  • 2 Individual Email Blasts
  • Up to 4 inclusions in our Weekly Email Blasts
  • Event Banner on the website (up to 2 months)

Event Package #2 – $300

  • 4 Individual Email Blasts
  • Up to 8 inclusions in our Weekly Email Blasts
  • Frontpage Banner on the website (up to 2 months)
  • Event Banner on the website (up to 2 months)

Prices E-mail Blasts

Weekly Email Blasts
($25 per week *or* 4 weeks for $75)

The weekly email blasts go out once a week, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They are a group email, with multiple advertisers included in the email. Weekly Email includes those advertising events, businesses and promotions. You must submit your Weekly Advertisement and make payment on the Monday (5pm est) before our Weekly E-mail Blasts are sent.

Individual Email Blasts
($70 for 1 / $120 for 2 / $160 for 3 / $185 for 4)

You can send an Individual email (ONLY YOUR INFO) to our email list serve of over 1,000. Individual e-mail blasts are great because your advertisement is not completing with any other individuals, businesses or organizations. You pick that day of the week that the email is sent and the email subject line. You provide the content and format order. We can accommodate image, links, text, video images, etc.

Prices Banner Ads

Banners on offer great visual appeal to attract visitors to your event, product or service. Take advantage of our banner advertising today.

Frontpage Banner ($60 up to 2 months) – 640 x 350
This is a rotating slideshow banner that displays on the front page of the website. Because of it’s placement, it gets great visibility.
– $60 for 2 months

Event Banner ($60 up to 2 months) – 300 x (xxx height)
This banner shows in the right hand column of the website on every page and also rotates vertically so your banner will never be stuck in one spot in the column. We take your existing image ad and reduce it to fit in the 300px width column.
– $60 for 2 months


728 x 90 Rotating Banner Ad
This set of banners show at the top of every page and rotates the banners available in that banner set.
– $50 for 3 months / $75 for 6 months / $110 for 1 year

300 x 250 Rotating Banner Ad
This set of banners rotate visibility in the right column of the website and as an ad in the each of the articles. .
– $50 for 3 months / $75 for 6 months / $110 for 1 year

Combo Rotating Banner Ads 728 x 90 and 300 x 250
– $80 for 3 months / $120 for 6 months / $180 for 1 year


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